My Struggle


We forget what it’s like to be Muslims, because we’re so indulgent in wanting to tell everyone how they’re supposed to be Muslims. I’m often reminded of the stories of the Sahaba when they used to travel to foreign lands. They didn’t first need to learn the language and the culture and make big bayaans and write extensive treatises in their efforts to spread the word of Islam. They convinced others about the superiority of Islam over any other way of life simply through the way they conducted themselves.
By contrast, these days we’re told that we are not qualified to engage in debate or discussion with anyone about Islam unless we hold a man-made title that signifies our level of proficiency in Islamic studies. We’ve turned Islam into an academic pursuit, embellished with sects and madhabs and pretentious scholars, while forgetting how to simply be Muslims. May Allah save us from ourselves.

- The Arrogance of Religiosity